понеделник, 28 май 2012 г.

H&M evening

Photobucket Me, Iva from Inspiration exists,and Raya from Eden Photobucket flip flops from the new "water" collection Photobucket glimpse from the new "water" collection Photobucket fall collection, my fav skirt Photobucket more fall Photobucket cute skirt from the fall collection Photobucket me, Iva and Rody Photobucket Photobucket I needed a great evening out with my fellow blogger friends. H&M again made a very special evening, and I would like to thank them for it. We were invited to see the new summer capsule collection "Water"-full of light fabrics and gorgeous Havaiian prints, but I managed to take some shots of the Fall Collection, because I was sick when the presentation took place. Hope you like it. xxx

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  1. Мире, имам поръчка за теб! :D Да ми откраднеш джапанките и блузата, дето Ивето държи на последната снимка! После ще се разберем с теб за комисионната. ;)