понеделник, 23 юли 2012 г.


Photobucket me in a sari, before a local Bolywood star's wedding. Pics there were not allowed tho:( Photobucket Local taxi Photobucket :D Photobucket horse carriage Photobucket lady selling flowers on the street Photobucket Mumbai port Photobucket women selling fruits on the street Photobucket market Photobucket my lovely students Photobucket Kitty, a student of mine, model and a Bollywood actress Photobucket me in a local temple Photobucket South Indian food on a banana leaf Photobucket hanging out with a local monk I haven't been on the blog for a long time due to my hectic work/travelling schedule and my lack of imagination these days. Promise, I will try to blog more often. In the meantime, enjoy my photos from Mumbai, India where I was the least fashionable person, because of the terrible humidity and heat. xxxx Mira